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Action Consulting exists to help and support organization’s take the best next step for their future

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“Let’s take all the elephants out of room”


Action Consulting operates under a triple C Model where we ensure the consumer wins, the customer wins, and the community wins. 

About Curtis Scaplen


Curtis lives to challenge the status quo and is obsessed with solving customers’ problems. He is committed to building the economy To ensure small businesses, women leaders, communities, and marginalized groups have space to thrive.

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“When times were confusing and me and the team were trying to figure things out, Curtis came in with Action and brought a sense of calmness, clarity and focus to our organization.  Not only did we manage well as a group through COVID-19, we are now thriving and in a growth trajectory that I have wanted for a long time, but just couldn’t execute priorities to get there.  I would highly recommend Action’s services and their process to seriously move the needle in a positive direction”